First Aid Courses

15 & 16 March 2022


AC: Instructor Highly Knowledgeable, best first aid course I’ve taken

15 & 16 March 2022


LC: Very good course, learnt a lot, very professional and feel more confident



CC: I cannot thank you enough for all your hard work and patience with me these last couple of weeks. Really does mean a lot to me and I am very grateful. Hope you have a lovely day!



JP: I just wanted to express my thanks to you for the truly exceptional help which your team were able to offer in relation to my recent medical procedure and occupational health assessment.
Your willingness to accommodate me at such short notice made an immense difference.
The approach of your team was in wonderful contrast : open, engaging and supportive, but also focusing on the positives of my recovery and future prognosis after surgery.
The verbal expression of my thanks is the best I can do! But I shall not forget your help.



CM: Very good course; excellent; very professional; very balanced; 10/10

CMcD : Best coverage of first aid information I have had; use of films was a great help; very professional, plenty of hands on practice.

AW: That was best part of the course, that we could practise on each other.

HH: Can’t wait for the refresher.

BW : Very professional; very knowledgeable, friendly and excellent t his job.



CM: Very good course; excellent; very professional; very balanced; 10/10

CMcD : Best coverage of first aid information I have had; use of films was a great help; very professional, plenty of hands on practice.

AW: That was best part of the course, that we could practise on each other.

HH: Can’t wait for the refresher.

BW : Very professional; very knowledgeable, friendly and excellent t his job.



A P : The course was presented perfectly with great videos of real life situations. Absolutely brilliant.

T P : Fantastic session due to an amazing instructor.

EW : Excellent way of explaining. Very knowledgeable and professional.



EP: Videos were good and refreshed key life saving; explained things clearly, good that you could see video titles so could see if a trauma trigger was coming up; used personal experience but not so much that it was story time; could have a go at the choking, defib and chest compressing and tonique and epi-pen.

DT: This was undoubtedly the best of many first aid courses I’ve attended.

25.01.2022 & 26.01.2022


AB: Amazing trainer, amazing knowledge, gained life changing skills.

DB: Wealth of knowledge; at times I fell some people may require more practical, although constantly offered; learnt more personally due to real life example and experiences.

BN: I didn’t have any knowledge, so it was very useful for me; he has given all to best of his knowledge; it was really understandable with all the video and practical; it was balanced and useful; really useful knowledge and understand the way to save life.

AS: This was the best First Aid Course I have attended; Gary was excellent. He has such a breadth of practical knowledge and he conveyed it in a very enjoyable way and made it very interesting; we practiced most things and were given guidance if we were not doing it correctly.

LN: Wonderful knowledge, really enjoyed listening and learning a lot more than I thought; 99% of the information I never knew; really happy with Gary, very passionate with what he does; learnt far more than I could imagine; Very knowledgeable; a walking library; really looked forward to coming back on second day.



CP : Well done Gary.

KB : Excellent, contributed brilliantly, brilliant

MW : Very good videos great help



RT : Very informative course



I confirm that I attended the medical appointment today. I wanted to share some feedback with you.
I arrived at the medical centre in Harlow 1 hour early for my appointment due to traffic not being as busy as I had expected. The staff very kindly accommodated me 30 mins before my scheduled appointment which I really appreciated as it allowed me to return to work.
The medical centre staff were extremely professional and knowledgeable. At every stage through the process the staff explained clearly what was needed from me and was being done which made me feel at ease.
I work for Southend Council and I would like to thank Garry the Trainer at Harlow Occupational Health Service for the course I attended recently. If I hadn’t attended this course I am sure I wouldn’t have been able to save the life of a casualty a few weeks following the course.
I was performing shoreside duties when a member of the public collapsed and was in distress. I immediately began assessing her response level when it became apparent that she had stopped breathing. I asked my colleague to fetch a defibrillator and I rang 999. I quickly began administering chest compressions until the defibrillator arrived and once it was applied to the casualty and a shock was administered the casualty regained consciousness. We continued to monitor the casualty until the ambulance arrived when the paramedics thanked both my colleague and myself for saving her life.

AD: I wanted to share some feedback with you. I arrived at the medical centre in Harlow 1 hour early for my appointment due to traffic not being as busy as I had expected. The staff very kindly accommodated me 30 minutes before my scheduled appointment which I really appreciated as it allowed me to return to work. The medical centre staff were extremely professional and knowledgeable. At every stage through the process the staff explained clearly what was needed from me and was being done which made me feel at ease.

23 & 24.11.2021


S S : Gary was a brilliant tainer , I felt comfortable asking any questions – very happy with course.

LW : Everything was covered and we could ask questions on extra topics; personal experience and videos made me feel confident we were in good hands; happy and confident I know all that I need to.

J R: I did like the visual; the instructor was engaging and down to earth which was good; Gary was able to add his experience and knowledge to the course which made it interesting; it was very useful, knowledgeable and balanced well with real life situations.

LB : I would have liked more time, I enjoyed the course and not wanting to go home too early.

AD : Excellent, clearly demonstrated real world scenarios; very enthusiastic, knowledgeable and entertaining; excellent use of videos to demonstrate how first aid happens in the real world

EJ : I feel that all objectives have been covered and now feel confident being a first aider; everything was explained very well and was very detailed; very descriptive and got us involved; very effective in both and now feel confident; very pleased with the course, it’s very informative !

WF : Little more practical would be good (but understand with Covid)



E C: Would be interested in Mental Health First Aid

W T : Very knowledgeable; excellent course, well presented and concise

KR: Would recommend this course

NJ : Maybe a bit too much information to absorb; very knowledgeable, obviously very experienced instructor

MN : Excellent !

AN : Instructor explained all queries well and gave good relatable examples; very effective, good balance of theory and practice

BM : Very thoughtful, learned more than I thought



Just too let you know I had my medical this morning.
All passed.
Just wanted to praise Sabina who did my health check. She was absolutely lovely!

27 & 28.10.2021


C T: We discussed what do do, saw example situations, and then discussed why ; He was very open to questions and discussing similar scenarios or “what ifs”; He clearly knows what to do in every situation and can communicate that amazingly to people without the same experience; Given we are in a pandemic I think we did as much practical as was safe and reasonable; excellent course and instructor.

S B : Best course I have been on; A lot more gone in and will remember due to the way the course was delivered; given more understanding on how things happened, then to deal with them; Best way to learn hands on.

A P : Very easy to understand, informative, knowledge and professional, good balance, very good course enjoyed it.

S B : This was the BEST course for First Aid I’ve EVER done. Amazing; Gary is amazing and his training outstanding; just superb – great instructor – BEST version of this course I’ve done; Just the BEST – Gary your approach is amazing.

20 & 21.10.2021


S K : Really impressive real life experience, exampled and medical knowledge ; Would have preferred a bit more practical time (Covid rules still apply for“hands on”) also some key notes to take away; Thank you !

D M : Highly engaging instructor

V D : Very informative, brilliant !

05 & 16.10.2021


G V : Excellent real life application training; highly recommend Gary as a trainer

M G : Very knowledgeable giving confidence and trust in the effectiveness of training

S B : Gary was fantastic…

N S : Instructor went above and beyond showing real-life videos and describing real incidents

B M : A very good course, well informed instructor

E N : Learnt very well ; ex-paramedic so knew everything to a tee ; learnt a lot through-out the course



J H : I learnt a lot about blood loss and trauma that is perfect for my line of work.

L B : Very informative – have learnt a lot

C P : Far more informative than previous First Aid Course



SJ: This was one of the best First Aid Courses I have been on as I have been on several over the years.

SB: Great knowledge and new technique learnt ; very knowledgeable

JS: Reinforced previous knowledge and added extra; very knowledgeable and explained everything well; theory delivered in a fun way and practical was used when needed; very thorough and fun!



BH: I enjoyed the course. I have learnt a lot from Gary and he has a very good knowledge.

WW: Excellent Instructor : Clear and concise training.

JR: Gary made the lesson very enjoyable with great examples; All parts were made easy to understand; Was very worthwhile – would highly recommend.

JY: I was really happy knowing the instructor was a paramedic and really had dealt with things like this before.



M K : Instructor made it interesting and easy to absorb; small group made it easier to hear, listen and ask questions.



V J: Videos very helpful; Gary explained everything really well, excellent course

H W: I learnt a lot with extra information that was helpful; Instructor was very knowledgeable and said with confidence; Very interesting and useful

N W: Excellent use of real life situations enhanced the theory explanation.



M C: New information was covered very well : very knowledgeable: the videos were very informative and demonstrations good : great course, delivered well and I learnt new things.

N E: The use of film clips showing real situations were useful : very good communicator – kept me at ease

M M: Gary is a very good tutor : again Gary was very good

GW – Harlow Company: Just wanted to mention a thank you to HOHS (Maria) for an urgent confidential new starter assessment we requested today. Dealt with quickly and professionally.



J B: Gary was lovely and made it easy to understand everything

S M: Very good training, informative and competent

M E: Good refresher training : good instruction : very professional : a little more practical when Covid allows; Excellent



S T: Gave good examples and clear knowledge : good balance : 10/10 great course



P B: Best course for First Aid I have been on, instructor very good!

S D: The best I have been to, V Good



S B : I am totally new to First Aid. I feel in control and understand that as a First Aider I can help prolong life – prevent deterioration and promote recovery : Gary spoke in plain language when needed to ensure we understood more complicated words : Bottomless knowledge – friendly professional approach – patient : Overall the course made me want to know and understand more.



M G : Very thorough and application of required skills in real life scenarios : excellent knowledge and teaching methods: excellent balance considering Covid circumstances : far better than courses elsewhere.

C S : Gary was very helpful and helped me understand breaking things down very well.

S M : Gary explained things very well : visual videos and pictures were very helpful in understanding more.



R M : Straight to the point but explained in detail : used real life videos.

L A : I liked the use of real life videos.



L J : Good experience relayed – real life very helpful.



F P : Great course, great knowledge and demonstration, 10/10 great interaction.

F G : Engaging and not boring.



M D : The course highlighted a number of things I did not realise that let me evaluate situations with more understanding, Gary has a very broad knowledge base that he can draw on.

S M : Gary was a very good instructor. He made the course both interesting and informative (with humour).



S C : Very informative and instructional

B M : Excellent

P V : Gary had a really useful and informative response to the wide range of questions raised with him.

P S : Gary’s professional experience translated very effectively into meeting our First Aid requirements.



G A: Excellent, Very well explained, interesting to other course been on, very good and clear instructions.



G D : Engaging and enthusiastic as well as knowledgeable. Less practical work due to Covid protocols.



A G: Love the video training, made everything easier than a simple slide show : very well spoken and relatable : Instructor was very thorough with everything and very relatable passing the information.


D R: I picked up a few new tips and tricks: Given me confidence in being a first aider : You can tell the instructor has a wealth of experience and knowledge.


T P: Very good course, very well presented, very informative, nice relaxed course.


R J: Gary gave us really good extra information which you could tell came from his experience : I learnt more on this course than I have on all the courses I have done in 30 years.



L S: Very interesting and well delivered; Lots of experience that related well to the training; A very interesting and informative day and excellent lunch!



R T: Very good course, the instructor was very good 10/10


A W: Excellent – so engaging


S M: Great



M A: Felt as though we learnt more in “real” world situations. Excellent and informative. Very good, instructor made it very and more interesting


S C: Covered all areas required. Very informative. Very professional and knowledgeable. “How effective was the balance between Theory and Practical Work “ – Fine considering Covid restrictions. Videos were extra helpful. Best one so far.


NS: Friendly and approachable instructor with good knowledge and info : Thanks 🙂


KB: With Covid restrictions, practical is more difficult but this did not at all detract from understanding and learning. Very informative, Gary did a great job of explaining and I would now feel confident dealing with first aid in work and at home


GS: Thank you very much ! really enjoyed this course


AK: Very in depth, I think using real life examples are a big help



AM: Balance between Theory and Practical Work – as much as could be expected in current climate. Gary was very informative and used a good mix of video and own knowledge to inform.



JW: Use of real video footage and explanation of real events and situations; very knowledgeable on subject; best course I have attended so far.



RB: Learnt more about First Aid as well as things that have changed to in First Aid; Very professional with his work; Balance was good and did as much as we could with the current COVID 19 pandemic; nice instructor and very informative



IV: Really enjoyed!



NS: Found this course more informative than previous ones – very easy to understand.



CD: Very Knowledgeable : Perhaps pause throughout the video when wanting to explain what is happening/difficult to focus on both. The initial projections were difficult to read and the paperwork isn’t very clear. Gary perhaps wear a badge ? Overall rated the course More Than Satisfactory.



Hayley: Very informative on a variety of subjects. A lot of knowledge and tips. Enjoyed being able to practice one skills. Very satisfied with the information gained from the course. Thank you J



Steve : More involved than previous courses I’ve attended. Good guidance and demonstrations. Great knowledge. Refreshing to have had an ex-paramedic holding the course

Decent balance between clips, stories and practicality. Very pleased.. !



Jenna : On previous first aid courses I have learnt how to deal with minor injuries. However from Gary I feel I would now be able to give life saving first aid.

Gary had extensive knowledge and lots of scenarios where he had dealt personally with the situations we were talking about treating.
Excellent course that if more people did it , would defiantly save lives.



Jason : Excellent Manner and knowledge – very informative



Never been on a First Aid Course like it, wow loved it – Gary was so knowledgeable and had an answer for everything ! Thank you.

Fantastic Course, better than any other First Aid Course previously attended.



Jackie : Easily understood – well presented.


Sharon : Gary made course interesting. Been on a few of these courses and found this one very enjoyable.


Elizabeth : It was very informative, Gary checked at each stage we understood, Very professional and experienced, excellent and Gary made it as fun as it could be.



Becci: Lots of useful and extra content. Extremely knowledgeable trainer. Well pitched training and enjoyable. Nice pace, approachable trainer.



Lynn: I have done first aid for years but I have learnt so much today. Excellent course.



Maria: Fantastic course, thoroughly enjoyed it.


Liberty : Course was interesting and fun as well as informative. I’d like to learn more as it made me more curious.



Charlotte : This course exceeded my expectations especially as it was just a refresher. I found Gary worked really hard to contribute towards everyone in the group. I personally found Gary fascinating to listen to, which meant I learnt so much more. He was very knowledgeable and super professional. I felt I learnt more today than I did on my 3 day course. Superb refresher and will be recommending. Thank you for teaching us so well today.



Jamie: One of the better courses I’ve been on. Engaging fun and informative. Really great trainer.



Andrew: Kept it fresh, definitely learn more from this course. Perfect balance between training and human one to one tuition


Peter : Excellent instructor and course. Covered many areas very well.


Gary : Made the course easy going and relaxed learning.



Stephen: Very clear, visual examples on screen. Again very clear and informative giving plenty of time for questions.



Nick: Interesting, anecdotes obviously based on extensive knowledge.
I have been on several First Aid and Refresher courses, this was the most stimulating.



Usman: Training delivered very well.



Jenny: I’ve been doing First aid from the age of 14 years as that’s when I became a Red Cross Cadet. In the course of my working career this has been up dated many times in both schools, retail and now in the voluntary sector. I found the course we attended really engaging and the use of video’s has made the information stay with me.



Elisa: Very knowledgable, happy to stop mid-flow to discuss.
The experience Gary had really helped to discuss and understand fully.
Very in-depth.
110% Very good!


Frances: Interesting course.
Proactive, patient and really enjoyed it.
Highly recommended. Learned again.



Christina: A great refresher, very relevent and interesting.
Covid considered and felt very safe.
Very knowledgble and gave lots of examples making situations easier to understand.
This was the best First Aid course I have attended.



Scott: Great presentation.
Very knowledgable.
A great course. First time with Gary!



Wayne: I have learned more on this course than the previous two courses I have been on.
Friendly, polite, easy to understand and informative.
Brilliant! Thank you very much.



Ben: Very knowledgable and professional approach.
Great instructor, taught me loads!



Richard: I have been made aware of and learned new things today. Very informative.
We had enough practical. Not too much. This allowed time to discuss other issues.
Very happy with the course. Slightly different to other courses. Very informative.



Damien: Learned a lot about treating injuries.
Explained everything very well and easy.
Gary knows his stuff!
Really good course for anyone to know and do! 🙂



Wayne: I feel more than confident in aiding anyone in need.
Very professional.


Jody Webb: Food was lovely, catered to my dietary needs. Would recommend to others.


Anonymous Trainee: Catering was good and room as well.  I would recommend the course to others.




Many thanks for the results and the completely painless phlebotomy. All the ladies were lovely and Maria was really gentle



Barry: Your flu jabs have done myself and Iris well, whilst everyone around us has been sick.

Health Checks – Testimonial from Patients



Eric: Harlow Occupational Health Service Ltd provided me with a full medical evaluation and screening. Without their vigilance my prostate cancer may have remained undiagnosed for quite a bit longer and could have become far more serious.
It was probably my best investment of 2020.





Chris: Many thanks for your email so swiftly after the appointment.  I have read the enclosed document and am happy for it to be sent out to the named person from my employer.

On a personal note I would like to thank yourself and both Drs Wilkins and Manson for a fantastic level of service and support during my rehabilitation.



Rachel: I just wanted to email and say how impressed I was with the service that your team provided.

I visited on the 21st August 2019 for my pre-employment check medical and from the moment I arrived I was warmly welcomed and made to feel relaxed during what could have been a very daunting experience.

After the initial introduction I was seen by a lovely lady (I believe her name is Maria) and she made me feel completely at ease throughout all the tests.  Having never had a medical previously I was unsure of what to expect, but Maria was reassuring and took my mind off any nerves I had, actually making the experience enjoyable ! Maria was professional throughout and explained every step of the process which gave me a better understanding of how the tests were relevant to my future career.

I was also very impressed with the doctor who saw me to do the more hands on medical assessments (I believe her name was Helen).  Most of the doctors I have seen in the past appear very clinical, but she and Maria made me feel I wasn’t just a number, even congratulating me when I passed my medical.

Please pass on my gratitude and thanks to them both, your team are a credit to your organisation.



Ben: Thank you so much.  When I’ve settled, I will be coming down with a box of treats to show my gratitude to you all, especially Dr Wilkins for your compassion, warmth and amazing service.



Thank you so much Sue and Dr Wilkins, you ladies are absolute starts.  Have a lovely afternoon/evening.



Billy: I would also like to say that when I visited the centre for my medical examination I was quite nervous but the lady who did my tests Maria, was absolutely brilliant and put me completely at ease, as did the doctor that did my physical examination, although I can’t remember her name (blonde hair, slim, white, second door on the right?) I would be grateful if you could pass this on to the powers that be, as they did do a fantastic job and like I said felt completely comfortable in their care.



Claire: Good afternoon Sue, All fully received and thank you very much for sending this through, much appreciated and we have received a wonderful service from yourselves.



Jen: Following my recent medical with Maria for Essex Police, I would like to provide some feedback.  Maria was very warm and welcoming and put me completely at ease as I was very nervous prior to my appointment.  Maria had a friendly and professional attitude and explained everything clearly and answered any questions I had prior to undertaking the various tests.  I could not be happier with the service I received from Maria.  Many thanks.



Jackie: Firstly I would like to thank the staff at Stephen Taylor House for making me feel comfortable whilst I was waiting for my appointment due to the very warm weather that day, I was offered a drink of water and a nice chat with the office administrator and the nurse which helped me feel relaxed.  Dr Rah was very professional and made me feel at ease.  Thank you so much to everyone that day.


Paul: I had my medical yesterday and got my clean bill of health, which is very pleasing. I wanted to let you know that the Doctor was fantastic; of all the doctors I have met over the years, he is by far the most attentive, personable and professional and I could not recommend him more highly to others. What impressed me was that he was happy to talk, interested in what I had to say, listened and gave very good advice on a number of subjects without ever making me feel that I was taking up his time, really pleased. The lady that carried out the other tests is of course excellent too and a credit to you.


Anon: Your company was very helpful in organising a medical assessment and understanding about the amount of time it took to get everything completed and I will certainly recommend you to others as well.


Paul Turner: The Doctor was excellent, she was extremely professional and very easy to talk to and made the whole experience a very positive one. I can recommend the health screening and other services provided by HOHS to anyone.


Anon: During a routine consultation one of your Occupational Health Physicians detected a problem with one of our employees and advised them to see their GP. The employee did see their doctor which resulted in them needing surgery. They are making an excellent recovery and we would like to send our thanks for detecting this problem so early on. We thank you for your thoroughness and advice at the onset of this problem and would like to make a donation to a Charity of your choice.

Health Checks Testimonials Business



Anne: Simon was really pleased with the support he has been given by Jo-ann in organising this year’s surveillance,. He was impressed with her organisational skills and efficiency (unlike mine who forgot to pass on the message).

Once again, thank you for your continued support to our UK HR Team.  Your patience and professionalism is a credit to you.  The meeting was very successful from our point of view and everyone went away much happier.  Well done Team HOHS.

A new instructor joined the training team with Peter enjoying a well earned retirement, but would still be around to help out.. !


Marian: Our instructor gave an all round cover and was very satisfactory


Paul: I thought Zaneta was very clear and informative


Nikki: Zaneta was extremely friendly and helpful and answered all questions



Peter: Maria many thanks for the certificates.  I am sure we will have some more victims for your medical experiments in the near future.  Only joking it was all very pleasant and quite interesting and some of my employees have realised they may need a pension after all!



Aggi: You may have heard from Anne that I will be retiring this year, in fact in a few months’ time, so may I take this opportunity to say how much I have enjoyed working with you and HOHS over the 18 years or so we have been going and wish you all the best for the future.



Sarah: That is very welcome news – thank you for letting me know Debbie and apologise for the delay at our end.  Please be assured that was not intentional and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all again for your professional and confidential support with this case.  I did very much value and appreciate it.



Thank you Pamela for the quick turnaround, you are a breath of fresh air compared to who we had to use at my old place of work, so pleased I got to choose our OH Provider here ! 🙂



Julie: Just thought I’d drop you a line to say how well our health checks went over the past couple of days.  Jane did an absolutely excellent job and saw approx 70 people !!! So could you please pass on our thanks to her and I hope she wasn’t too tired by the end of it !!



Dave: Thank you for a very efficient service, the invoice has now been paid.


Dr Challen and Anne were brilliant, they are welcome back any time, both were kind, professional and they were very warmly received by all


It was a pleasure to meet you on the day(s) and a number of staff have since commented on your professionalism and friendly attitude. It was also informative for me to speak to you in the brief intervals we had between the staff surveillance sessions. I look forward to meeting you again when the time comes. Thanks also to Sonia for arranging the testing and fielding my incessant telephone calls.


Many thanks for hearing tests carried out at Kemlows – the service was excellent and I would not hesitate in recommending your services to other companies.


Thank you for the report on our employee’s appointment. This is the first time we have used your service and we are very impressed with your speed and professionalism. We can now move on with confidence to ensure our employee is comfortable at work and can reach his potential.


Rebecca Wotton: We love working with Harlow Occupational Health, everyone is always helpful and always appear to make availability when required by our customers. I’d like to thank you on behalf of Concateno, for all the help you have given us since working together.


Nikki: Many thanks for your help in organising yesterday, I will certainly not hesitate to recommend you.