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Covid-19 Announcement


As a health centre we have always maintained a very high level of hygiene and with Covid -19, we have increased this even more.  With the extensive range of services we offer, we are conscious that this involves a very large amount of people visiting our health centre at any given time.  With the advice from Public Health to control the flow of people, we are offering to our clients telephone consultations with our Occupational Health Physicians if the company or employee has anxieties about coming to us in this current climate.  We will assess on a case-by-case referral to suit both the client and OHP.


When booking your referrals, please ask our staff to ensure it is a telephone or face-to-face consultation so that we can take the appropriate action prior to the appointment date.  For the face-to-face consultations we would ask that those employees should have no cough or cold symptoms of any kind.


If you need any information or assistance in the meantime, please do not hesitate to ring or email – we are here to help you as best we can to deal with this unprecedented situation.


Specific Covid-19 information can be downloaded under Services for :  HSE Appointed Doctor Work and First Aid Training


Thanking you for all the support you have given us, and keep safe.

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Harlow Occupational Health Service is a charity dedicated to providing independent Occupational Health advice and services to both large and small organisations in Harlow and within a 50 mile radius. Additionally through partnerships with other occupational health providers, we can cover most of the UK.


HOHS aims to provide occupational health services that are good value for money and which deliver measurable health improvements in workplaces. HOHS members enjoy services at a discounted rate. Representatives of our members make up the Board which guides and oversees HOHS.


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