What is stress?

What is stress?

What is stress and how should we deal with it?

Stress occurs when someone feels overwhelmed either in their home life, work life or both.

In the current circumstances we are probably living through the most stressful period that many of us have ever encountered. For most of us our work life and home life have changed out of all recognition.

So many of us have been forced to work from home during this last year, and while for some people this can be a pleasure, for others it can be an isolating experience. It’s easy to underestimate how important the daily face to face interaction without people is. When there is no one to bounce ideas off, to have your coffee with or even just have a chat, it can feel as if we’re very much alone. 74% of adults say that they have felt stressed at one time or another.

So, if you’re any employer what can you do to make life less stressful for your employees? It is of course your legal duty to protect your employees, but even if that wasn’t the case, stressed employees are not productive employees.

If you have a risk assessment in place, you may need to review it in the light of the changes brought about by Covid 19. Make sure people understand their role in the workplace, that they’re supported and feel valued, that they are capable of the work they are being given, give them a certain amount of control and make sure to listen if they have a grievance. If all these things are in place you are more likely to have a happy, productive workplace.