14 Apr Vaccination for welders at risk of pneumococcal disease

Harlow Occupational Health Service is offering a vaccine that protects welders from developing pneumococcal disease.

There is strong association between welding and development of pneumococcal disease, particularly lobar pneumonia. Welders who have not received the vaccine (PPV23) previously, should be offered a single dose of 0.5ml of PPV23 vaccine.

Most healthy adults develop a good antibody response to a single dose of PPV23 by the third week following immunisations. The vaccine is inactive and does not contain live organisms and cannot cause disease.

Ref D.O.H Green Book Chapter 25, version 2_0

Charge@ HOHS: Member £20   Non Member £30

(NB on-site administration will be considered for groups and if facilities for administration are suitable).

If after consideration and discussion with your employees please get in touch with your allocated OHA who can provide you with more information and a questionnaire or email Denise McCrone OHA on denise@hohs.org or pamela@hohs.org