Occupational Health Surveillance & HSE Appointed Doctor work

Occupational Health Surveillance Screening and COSHH Surveillance

Some health and safety regulations require employers to provide health surveillance for their employees.


Health surveillance is about systematically watching out for early signs of work-related ill health in employees exposed to certain risks. The starting point is your risk assessment. Through this, you should have found out the health hazards in your workplace.


(Ref: Understanding health surveillance at work HSE INDG304 09/11)

HOHS can assist you in this process by carrying out health surveillance screening if your employees are at risk and risk assessments indicates.


The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations(COSHH)


Respiratory and / or Skin Surveillance

  • Lung function test (spirometry) if exposed to solvents, fumes, irritant dusts, Silica and other substances hazardous to health and/or skin surveillance if exposed to skin irritants**The above list is not exhaustive please enquire**
  • Biological monitoring (blood and / or urine tests) e.g. cadmium and isocyanates
  • Work related vaccinations e.g. Hepatitis B, Hepatitis A and Hepatitis A&B


HSE Appointed Doctor’s

Asbestos, Lead, Radiation and COSHH health surveillance.

Hand Arm Vibration (HAVS) Level 1 and 2 paper screening with Occupational Health Advisor: Levels 3 and 4 by HSE Qualified Medical Officer.

**The above list is not exhaustive please enquire**




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Occupational Health Surveillance by Harlow Occupational Health Sevices

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