Employee Support

Employee Support Helpline

A confidential, professional counseling service for employees and their families.


What is the Employee Support Helpline?

The Employee Support Helpline (“ESH”) is a confidential 24 hour Personal Support service which can help people deal with both everyday situations and more serious problems.


It is a professional and quick way to solve the challenges and new situations we all face. It can help callers achieve a positive balance in their life.


Practical Concerns

For practical concerns, your ESH offers you a range of easily accessible information services by telephone. These are provided by teams of skilled specialists.


The range of issues include:

  • Financial: money management, debt; mortgage arrears; negative equity; child support
  • Legal: consumer complaints; insurance claims; neighbour disputes, motoring offences; child custody; divorce law
  • Relationships: family; work; partners
  • Family care: childcare and eldercare; education; financial concerns; state benefits and allowances
  • Work: career matters; contracts; maternity; harassment; dealing with your boss; pressure


Personal Support

Many people contact their ESH at times when they are simply over-stretched and would benefit from professional guidance and from talking to someone impartial. Calls are always answered by a qualified counsellor who can provide support on a range of issues including emotional problems, family concerns, relationship or marital difficulties, work related worries, stress or other individual concerns.



The ESH is run by Independent Counselling and Advisory Services Ltd (ICAS). ICAS works to a professional code of strict confidentiality where only the most extreme circumstances would confidentiality ever be broken, for example a threat to life.


Anonymous statistical data about the usage of the service is provided by ICAS to assist in improving and developing the service but the statistics will never breach individual confidentiality either directly or by implication.


Click here to download a brochure of services we provide. Call us if you have any further questions.

Who can use it?

The services are available to employees, their spouse or partner and any family members who live with them. This is currently charged at £5 per person per year.


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