Audiometry Screening

Audiometry Screening & Hearing Conservation Programme

Harlow Occupational Health Service offers the following services to member and non-member clients, in support of the above Regulations.


Equipment – Bilson CA850 series 4 & 5

Maintained regularly and calibrated annually in accordance with industry standard

Screening Comprising

  • Completion of audiometry questionnaire with help of Occupational Health Advisor, addressing history of noise exposure and use of ear protection.
  • Examination of ears.
  • Audiometric test
    • This takes approximately 10 minutes and should be carried out prior to noise exposure
  • Discussion of results with client.
  • Formal report to management and letter to client using HSE reporting criteria and classifications.
  • If appropriate discussion with Medical Officer, Company and GP.
  • Maintenance of records and re-call system.




  • Audiometry is advisable at pre-employment and then annual for the first two years.
  • Thereafter repeated at 1 – 3 yearly intervals depending on individual results.

If you require further advice, please contact us.