07 Apr Proposed changes to First aid regulations for UK businesses

Changes are proposed to first aid regulations, removing the requirement for the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) to approve first aid training providers. Subject to HSE board and ministerial approval, the anticipated changes are now expected in October 2013.

Removing the HSE approval process will give businesses greater flexibility to choose their own training providers and first aid training that is right for their workplace, based on their needs assessment and their
individual business needs.
The HSE has published new draft guidance to help employers assess first aid requirements within their workplace. Additionally, separate guidance has been produced on selecting an appropriate first aid training provider. The guidance can be found on the HSE website

How does it affect your business?

Businesses are not required to take any action until the new regulations are implemented. Until then the existing law applies for first aid at work training.
All existing qualifications are not affected and it does not affect any of the services we provide here at Harlow Occupational Health Service.

What does this mean for our customers 

Harlow Occupational Health Services will continue to provide the right training to meet your legal obligations, both now and after the changes to the regulations that are implemented by using an accredited organisation supported by the HSE.