19 Apr *New for 2016* Health Surveillance for those exposed to Respirable Crystalline Silica (RCS)

This supplement should be read and used within the context of the general guidance on health surveillance for those exposed to RCS found in HSE’s COSHH essentials sheet G404

This supplement provides an example of a health surveillance programme for silicosis for occupational health providers and employers to consider. Health surveillance for silicosis should be considered for workers who are involved in high-risk occupations, including construction, foundry work, brick and tile work, ceramics, slate, manufacturing, quarries and stonework. Where workers are regularly exposed to RCS dust and there is a reasonable likelihood that silicosis may develop, health surveillance must be provided.

Further examples of where health surveillance for silicosis may be appropriate include:

where there have been previous cases of work-related ill-health in the workplace;

Where there is reliance on RPE as an exposure control measure for silica; or Where there is evidence of work-related ill health in the industry.